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我们专注 品牌研创

We Focus on Branding Research


crosslab品牌研策中心由中国单元(成都、广州)及法国巴黎艺术设计协会组成,我们拥有来自于不同专业背景的专业策展人、 品牌策略专家、建筑设计师、视觉设计师、程序员、艺术家、作家….我们协同共战,不受认知的局限,打破壁垒的束缚,共同思考,打造品牌。


The expression of brand is achieved through a deep study and research while the initial construction of brand is being fulfilled and the value of it being upgraded with cultural properties implanted. We aim to accomplish comprehensive branding services from making initial strategic plans to working on a complete concept that matches the brand where a series of work including visual design, architectural design, culture development, marketing events and brand dissemination is conducted.

crosslab Brand Research Center is composed of Chengdu Unit, China and Art Design Association of Paris, France. We have a team coming from a different professional background, which include exhibition planners, brand strategists, architects, visual designers, programmers, artists and writers. We collaborate working hand in hand, not restricted to one way of recognition;  we try to break the shackle s of barriers, and direct our thinking at the common goal for the creation of brand.

crosslab Art Design Association of Paris was founded in Paris with its focus on designing, fashion, and art business in Europe and interacts with different sectors for cultural communication and information sharing. It seeks cooperation for cultural innovative resources of European countries in forms of joint development, product manufacturing in a non-profit manner and actively promotes its cultural innovative resources to collaborate with brands found available in China region in order to create an cooperative environment where fine quality, diversity, and safety are accentuated.



Based on a scientific brand model we set up for development, visualized plans are worked out to present how brand strategies are to be implemented, how the visual expression of brand can be realized and how the spatial presentation of brand can be achieved. We are also concerned about band experience of our customers.


We offer a wide range of services that cater for professional art exhibitions and art consultation, and our willingness for cooperation draws to our shore many art institutions, artists, planners for concrete art projects and continuous development of art products, designing of art derivatives, and for crossover art service and art exhibition. In addition, we are committed to engaging enterprises in art cooperation as well as their product branding.